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What Is The Difference Between Direct Sales & Multi-level Marketing?

Multilevel Marketing: How to Avoid Building the Pyramid

What Is The Difference Between Direct Sales & Multi-level Marketing? multilevel-marketing

Says Sajjanar, Copying them many Indian companies have started, saying this model is accepted. When there is no action against them they can also do. On ground, consumer activists are trying to do their bit Says Secretary, Public Alert Sewa Society, Manda Bhiksham Raju, High authorities from firms involved in this business are forcing me (my society) to withdraw complaints. Raju’s job is tough. MLM firms know the allure of quick money is hard to resist. PAGE_BREAK Case Study 2: Yesamma Yesamma was told network marketing is as simple as making and selling idlis. An idli-dosa vendor making 1500 rupees a month, Yesamma spent 15,000 rupees buying up Quantum products. He believed a Certificate of Incorporation was a personal insurance cover the company gifted her.
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Paul Orberson touts benefits of multilevel marketing


Net Worth Calculation of Equity in Private Companies For those with the entrepreneurial spirit, but limited startup capital, both direct sales and multilevel marketing provide an opportunity to start a business. While multilevel marketing technically operates as subset of the direct sales business model, the two approaches differ in a variety ways, ranging from product type to organizational structure and costs. Products Direct sales companies generally provide a range of durable goods, such as steak knives, that have a substantial cost and lend themselves to a single sale process. Few customers will purchase a second and third set of steak knives or other durable goods. Multilevel marketing companies, by contrast, often offer consumable goods, such as herbal supplements or food products, which cost less but lend themselves to repeat sales. If an herbal supplement works as advertised or the food impresses, a customer will likely purchase again. Organizational Structure Direct sales businesses typically operate with a centralized manufacturer that produces the product. The businesses essentially contract out sales jobs to freelancers that do the door-to-door selling. Salespeople receive commissions based strictly on the number and size of their own sales. Multilevel companies follow a similar structure, but add a twist: An individual salesperson can recruit others into the company, which creates a « downline » source of sales and income. The recruiter then becomes eligible to collect a percentage of revenue from the people in the downline. As long as members of the downline continue to sell, the upline receives residual income in addition to revenue from her own sales.
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Solavei further entices its customers to upsell its mobile service


These agents, which the company calls promoters, earn commissions based on sales to customers, as well as on sales made by and to other ViSalus distributors whom theyve recruited to join the company. Generally speaking, the higher a promoters position on the network chain, the greater his or her potential revenue stream. A subsidiary since 2008 of Greenwich, Conn.-based Blyth, ViSalus became a breakout success last year in the challenging and often controversial multilevel marketing industry, which includes long-established names like Mary Kay, Tupperware, Amway and Herbalife. But the company will need to pull up from its recent sales decline to prove itself as more than a flash in the pan. With $623 million in sales and $69 million in profit in 2012 representing 171% annual growth, ViSalus is considered the 21st-largest multilevel marketing company in the world by revenue and second largest in Michigan to Ada Township-based Amway, the largest on the globe, according to the industry trade publication Direct Selling News. With savvy management, creative promotions and a full embrace of social media as a sales and recruitment platform, ViSalus burst on the scene last year as one of the hottest and fastest-growing multilevel marketing firms on the globe. But ViSaluss growth as high as 450% year-over-year last summer tapered off and was in full reverse by the fall, leading to the cancellation of the companys planned $175-million IPO and a shareholder lawsuit against its parent company, on claims that Blyth executives tried to conceal problems with ViSaluss business model in hopes of a more lucrative public offering. Blyths legal counsel says it is fighting the suits claims. Multilevel marketing began making headlines in the business press after hedge fund manager William Ackman disclosed in December his $1-billion market bet against Herbalife, a shake and supplement business started in 1980 that he considers an unsustainable pyramid scheme that is bound to collapse.
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« I don’t know how anyone could even begin to assert that they are some sort of top seller in the industry, » she says. « My experience in life is that good salesmen are often very charismatic, » says Monica Lindeen, Montana’s commissioner of securities, who sued the company for being a « pyramid scheme » in March. « Mr. Orberson is no different, » she says. « You have to find a way to draw them in and get them to trust you. » The son of a preacher, Orberson invokes the Lord’s name every chance he gets, which has proved an attractive lure to many churchgoing would-be sales reps. « He bases everything in his personal life and his business life biblically, » says Diane Graber, a former executive sales manager in Montana who still supports the company. « He’s not out to screw over John Q. Public. » Day, a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Fortune seeking class-action status, now disagrees: « I’m a Christian, too, but I don’t wear it on my sleeve. When you stand and feel you are not answerable to anybody, then that is not Christian. » Posted E-mail | Print | To report corrections and clarifications, contact Standards Editor Brent Jones . For publication consideration in the newspaper, send comments to letters@usatoday.com .
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7 Proven Multilevel Marketing Lead Generation Secrets


For every three new customers members sign up, they get $20 a month knocked off their bill or deposited on a prepaid Visa card. Now Solavei is sweetening the pot. On Wednesday it launched Marketplace, a network of 16,000 retailers and merchants that will give Solavei discounts on goods and services if they pay with their Solavei cards. The network is managed by payment processor First Data and includes Old Navy, Target and Starbucks along with other national chains and thousands of independent stores and restaurants. Subscribe to gigaom.com Solavei is definitely starting to increase its resemblance to the multilevel marketing outfits like Amway that it based its business model on. Not only is it blurring the line between customer and service provider by having its members not only sell but also maintain the relationship with the customer, its creating a loyalty network among its members. The next step would be to move beyond offering members discounts to selling members goods directly and thats exactly what Solavei plans to do. In its Marketplace announcement Solavei said: in the future Solavei will also offer its customers reduced-cost primary household goods and services such as general merchandise. Youve probably already run into Solavei members online likely on many occasions. When the company first launched last year, eager and annoying Solavei converts started spamming message boards (including GigaOM) social networks with their pitches. After a few months Solavei reigned in many of its most aggressive marketers or site and network administrators s just got better at blocking them but that hasnt stopped Solavei from growing. In August, Solavei said it had 100,000 members , which is pretty good for boutique MVNO in its first year. While a good deal of its success as attributable to its marketing tactics, it also offers a good value particularly for the heavy smartphone users. It basically has a single prepaid option: $49 a month for unlimited voice and SMS and 4 GB of data on T-Mobiles HSPA+ networks.
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Troy-based ViSalus hopes to prove staying power in multilevel marketing

2. Develop an opt in list Once you gain the ability to write articles about your multilevel marketing business, you should have pop-ups in your page and an opt in box to allow people to opt in to receive your e-zine list. This list is key to allow you to convert more of your readers. By establishing a relationship with your readers and as they know more about you, they will be more likely to purchase some of your multilevel marketing products that you might recommend to them. Subscribe to an autoresponder and place a web form on your website, this would allow you to automate unsubscribe requests. You can send your E-zines at a predetermined frequency by using the broadcast function. Multi-level marketing can also be viral, just include stuff that people would love to forward from your newsletter and this would get you more subscribers and you can tell them about your multi-level marketing business.
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If you push, prod, and poke your way deep enough with a computer maker’s tech support folks, you’ll find they never install anything–everything is ghosted/imaged on the new PC. Essentially this means they copy the complete hard drive from an existing PC (including the operating system and drivers). It sounds great since, theoretically, things need be successfully installed only once with human error thereafter avoided. More important to the maker trying to maximize profit, it takes only a few minutes to copy to the new PC. Unfortunately, to be successful a ghost/image must be put on an identical machine–identical in absolutely every detail, including the chips on the motherboard, SIMMs, DIMMs, sound cards, graphics boards, or whatever. Now you can begin to understand why the software folks don’t want to get involved. Most of their stuff works quite well when properly installed, but they know that doesn’t happen. Jim Stevenson, Des Moines, Iowa As a volunteer who helps provide online support for several of Symantec’s products, let me note that when Symantec licenses a product such as WinFax to an OEM, that company has the right to modify the program to suit its own purposes. Because Symantec has no control over, or knowledge of, those modifications, there is no way it can support the resulting « lite » version; it is left to the OEM to provide support. Richard H. Gleick, Maitland, Florida More On Tips A reader [ Letters , July] asks why you publish so many Microsoft tips.
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Is Multilevel Marketing on the Level?


While the distinctions between the two business methods can seem relatively minor, the degree of contrast between them may prevent program operators from becoming the subject of a regulatory proceeding, or becoming defendants in litigation. The Rules of the Road Regarding MLMs Existing standards and restrictions on MLMs have evolved through developing case law and statutory requirements, on both the federal and state levels. State by State Every state has adopted laws that, in one way or another, regulate MLM entities and prohibit pyramid schemes. However, the method of regulation varies. Some states have enacted specific anti-pyramid statutes. Others merely require registration under specific MLM statutes. And others regulate MLMs by way of lottery, consumer-protection and/or anti-fraud statutes. Several states have MLM registration requirements, and some go so far as to require that the MLM obtain a surety bond prior to opening their plan up to participation, while others are less demanding. By way of example, Wyoming simply requires that the MLM file a Notice of Intent to Conduct Business. In contrast, Texas requires that the MLM file, in addition to other items (1) a financial statement; (2) a complete description of the program participant-compensation structure; (3) disclosure of all persons with a 20% or greater ownership interest in the MLM; and (4) copies of all program promotional materials. At a minimum, the states that require MLM filings generally require that the MLM appoint the Secretary of State as its agent for service of process. Federal Regulations On the federal level, regulation has largely come through actions initiated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and U.S. Postal Service. The seminal FTC MLM decisions are In re Koscot Interplanetary, Inc., 86 F.T.C.
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Money is made not just by signing up new recruits (who sign up new recruits until there aren’t any new recruits left to sign up), but by actually selling products. « It’s the most ethical form of business there is, » argues Ken Smith. In most businesses, reasons Smith, « the manager’s goal is to keep you from growing, because you’re in competition for his job. In multilevel marketing, the opposite is true. . . . Moving up is not limited to whether someone dies. » But it requires hard work, says Smith. It takes persistence, time, usually a mobile phone – and the knowledge, says Diana Steed, that even though you may work hard you may not sign up other people who are willing to work hard, too. Steed, who has tried seven multilevel companies, says a lot of people « just have dreams in their eyes. » According to Smith, the average person who signs up as a distributor sells only $60 a month.
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How to succeed in Online Multilevel Marketing

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You may have to dedicate more time to your business at first, but as you start to see money coming in, you may be able to spend time with your family. Whether you purchase the lists to combine or make one out of feedback from your site, your success is contingent upon you having a large email list so the business can continue to grow. Try to be someone that others want to copy when you are going about your network marketing. Use one-of-a-kind promotions to make your creativity to create a campaign company website that stands out. Try to refrain from copying other sites, rather than copying someone. Allow your networking clients to take control of the freedom to speak freely.The more you learn about them via social media and other outlets, the better chance you have to tailor your marketing approach directly to their needs.
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Group Discussion Topic: Multilevel or network marketing


Here members pump in money, promote business and buy products but only to get a small share of money, he and his down line members bring in. The members in this unique business model play all the roles i.e., as investors, employees and customers. The interest of the members is not safeguarded and there is no exit option, except by loosing the money that has been invested towards franchisee/membership. The multilevel marketing firms are banned in most of the countries. But the loopholes in the Indian legal policies, which are made to control the business of such companies, provide them a perfect ground to nurture and flourish. Newspapers have regular concealed ads to lure people into it till they go through the experience and realise the truth of such additional five figure income attractions. If statistics are compiled it would be beyond imagination to realise how many have contributed a small amount to make millions and billions for others through this system. Multilevel marketing plans are ways of selling goods or services through distributors. These plans typically promise that if you sign up as a distributor, you will receive commissions – for both your sales of the companys products or services and for the other people you recruit or lure to join the chain of distributors. Multilevel marketing plans usually promise to pay commissions through two or more levels of recruits, known as the distributors down-line. Do you favor the concept of multilevel or network marketing? Justify your point whether yes or no.
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